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MCLC Sponsors Science & Literacy Sessions
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Friday, January 26, 2018
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The Mossy Creek Literacy Council sponsored afternoon and after school sessions for teachers on integrating science and literacy.  LaShay Jennings from East Tennessee State University led 4th grade students through a hands-on science and literacy lesson in the afternoon of January 26 while 4th grade teachers from across the district gathered around.  After the lesson, there was a debriefing session during which teachers talked about what they had observed.  Sally Gann, 4th grade teacher from Dandridge Elementary, remarked that the hands-on experiements were so motivating that students remained engaged for an extended length of time.  Teachers talked about how the simple demonstration of graham crackers sliding over cool whip to represent the movement of tectonic plates would stick in students' brains much better than if they had only read about the content.


During the after school session, members of MCLC were treated by National Geographic with a Salsaritas taco bar.  After which, LaShay Jennings facilitated a session on integrating literacy and science.  With the release of the Read to Be Ready literacy units focused on science content and the release of new science standards with literacy connections, Tennesee teachers are being encouraged to integrate across content.  Teachers at the session remarked that integration just makes sense!


Special thanks to MCLC officers and President Susan Price for organizing and planning this event!