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Senior Citizens Prom
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Tuesday, April 16, 2019
Picture form the Senior Citizens Prom
Picture form the Senior Citizens Prom
Annual Service Learning Event


Senior citizens were treated to their own special prom Friday night – complete with wrist corsages, an array of foods, guest singers, dancing to the oldies, and decorations based on the theme of drive-in movies.

Laura Osborne and Kristen Strange of the JCHS Service Learning class have been planning the annual Senior Citizen Prom for months. “It was a lot of work and we recruited students from other classes to help us,” said Strange.

When they saw all the seniors having so much fun laughing and dancing, they both agreed all the hard work was worth it.

“I have come with a group of ladies every year. This year I hurt my leg and planned to sit it out,” said Brenda Abbott, Director of the Jefferson City Senior Center. ”When they played ‘Old Time Rock and Roll,’ I found myself out on the floor dancing it up with the students.”

Seniors were teaching students how to swing and do the twist.

”This was much more fun than our prom last week,” Service Learning student Tyler Ramey said. “Everyone is up dancing and having such a good time.”

Officer Jim Potts and his Criminal Justice students “work” the event every year.

“Once they get dancing all together, the separation of age does not exist,” he exclaims. “I encouraged my students to ask some of the Jefferson Park residents in wheelchairs to dance. Look at them now, they are spinning them around.”

To add to the recorded oldies, Service Learning teacher Lani O’Connor asked experienced student vocalists Ashlyn Howerton, Molly Coston, and Trevor Fahel if they would sing at the event. All said yes and quickly began looking for a special song.

Fahel was a hit when he belted out the Frank Sinatra hit, “I Did It My Way.” As the night was wrapping up he observed, like Ramey, “Everyone here is dancing and it is much more fun than our regular prom.”

Bill and Robbie Price were crowned king and queen of the ball. The pair met at a dance and enjoyed dancing together until they decided to marry just three years ago. The couple demonstrated their skills.

Teacher Stephen Strange and student Connor Whetzel built a wooden cut out of a full sized convertible, which allowed participants to “sit” in the car for a photo opportunity.

“The hardest part of the night is turning off the music when it is time to go,” said Potts.

Seniors from Jefferson Park agreed. When the bus arrived they lamented, “We are having too much fun. We don’t want to go home yet.”

Service Learning students posted a Thank You board to all who made the 2019 Senior Citizen Prom a success: Volunteer BBQ, Mama C’s Gluten Free Goodies, Elizabeth Stooksbury, Laura Shrader, Stephen Strange and Connor Whetzel, Andrew Alder, Officer Jim Potts, Scott Noe, Dr. Cline, Mr. Rogers, Charlotte Bishop, Dr. Cagle, Robin Taylor, Kim Robinson, Lani O’Connor, Trevor Fahel, Molly Coston, Ashlyn Howerton, and Project Leaders Kristen Strange and Laura Osborne. The Leo Club donated $200 for the prom.


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