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Subjects Taught
American Government/Economics, AP European History/English 12, Psychology/Sociology


Originally from Miami Florida, Ian has wandered around the globe for nearly a half century. Ian has been a member of the JCHS staff for two decades and counting. After a childhood filled with several moves around the southeast, Ian graduated from Ridgeview High School in Atlanta, GA. From there Ian went on to to make his way through Auburn University and Carson Newman College (now University). Along the way he also lived in the south of France and spent a term at Imperial College, London, part of the University of London. Having settled in the Jefferson County area in order to woo the beautiful Jill, they make their home in Jefferson City along with their son and several critters in the attic.

Along with his educational pursuits Ian has also (long ago) competed internationally as a tennis player and has long had a passion for percussion, having studied with world famous drummers Simon Phillips, Chad Wackerman and Jim Chapin.