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Yearbook Announcements

Yearbook Day - Yearbook Staff  

1. Wear your yearbook staff shirts. Dress for hot weather; it is ALWAYS stifling and hot on yearbook day, despite numerous fans.

2. Bring 1-2 bottles of water to keep in the fridge. Label them with your name. Trust me- You'll thank me later.

3. Bring plenty of patience. People will be demanding, hateful, and rude; you are better than that and will not act that way.

4. Check your attitude at the door. Anything you're asked to do, DO it immediately and without argument. There simply isn't time to deal with your issues today.

5. We will be eating pizza toward the very end of third period. If you cannot wait that long to eat, bring a non-messy snack. You cannot leave to go to the lunchroom for food.

6. You can go sign yearbooks during 4th; however, many of you will probably be so sick and tired of yearbooks and idiots and choose to crash in 117, which is also fine.

7. Check the assignment sheet and make SURE you're doing the job to which you are assigned, when you're supposed to be doing it.

Buying a Yearbook   

If you pre-ordered a book from Smart Pay, you will receive your book on May 8 during 2nd period, when we will report to homeroom. Be sure to check your book carefully for any issues (loose pages, upside down, etc), then SIGN your name inside the cover OR place your nameplate on the front. Lost books are impossible to return to a proper owner without any identification.

If you did not pre-order a yearbook, extras will be available on yearbook day (May 8), at a cost of $80 CASH. These will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis after the pre-ordered books are distributed. The sales should begin in third period, around 11:30.