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Progress so Far  

Hey folks, Marching Band is going wonderfully right now!  This band has the best rehearsal attendance record of any previous JCHS band under my direction.  I'm proud of you.  Also, you are rehearsing and performing better than ever.  Learning Drill is always tedious and, let's be honest, a little boring.  But the repetitions that you do now will pay big dividends by the end of September and October.  I can't wait to see and hear the finished product!

Here are a few announcements that you need to pay attention to.  First of all, we plan on being in full uniform for the Sept. 7 game against Carter.  We may not wear hats that night because we had to order some more that have not arrived at this time.  I'll keep you posted.  With that said, you need to have your band shoes, black socks, and long white gloves.  Woodwinds will need to cut the fingers out of your gloves down to the first knuckle from the tip of the finger, otherwise you won't be able to play your instrument very well.  Also, we do not wear any jewlery with the uniform.  It takes away from the uniformity of the uniform.

Second announcement is for parent information.  We are using a web based software for practice, assessment, and play off assignments this year.  It is called SmartMusic and is free to the students.  It only works with Chrome on a desk top, lap top, or ipad device.  If you can get it to work on any other device then it is news to the company but good for you.  There is no cost to you for this service.  We only ask that you encourage your students to explore the options in the program and practice when we start making assignments in mid September.  They will be able to record themselves with the program grade and email us the results through the program itself.  It's a wonderful piece of software and we look forward to making great use of it.

Last thing, we are currently running our Fan Cloth fund raiser until Sept. 11.  The online store works this year so you can order with a credit card.  The url is  When you go to check out there will be a drop down menu to choose a student seller.  If your chosen student is not listed then type in their name and hit enter before proceeding.  We need this information to deliver your items.

It's been and exciting year so far and It will only get better from here. 

Band Booster Meeting  

We will have a Band Parent meeting on Monday, September 17 at 7:00 in the HS Band Room.  This meeting will be to organize concessions and other events that we need parent help with.   Check out the Jefferson County High School Band Booster Face Book page. (Make sure it's not the one in Kentucky!)  You can get quick information there about the "Sign up genius" to help with chaperoning, concession, etc. as well as updates on calendar events, congratulations, funny stuff, or whatever. 



New way to stay in contact!  

We are always looking for a better way to stay in contact so no one is left out of the loop on important events and announcements.  With this in mind, I have instituted the use a messaging app. called "Remind".  All you have to do is go to this link: and follow the instructions to sign up and join "Band".  The mobile app is free. 

If you don't have a smart phone but can text, text @323hb (in the message field) to 81010 or to 717-363-8462.

If none of these work for you then the booster FB page and the web site are still up and running.

If you are going to Orlando, this is the primary way that we will stay in touch.  If everything works well then we will use this with next years band members and parents as our first line of communication.

Additions to Forms and Files  

The Summer Band Camp information letter is now posted on the forms section of this web page.  It is in pdf format and can be downloaded for your information and planning purposes. The following forms are now up to date and are ready for download.  Please, fill them out and bring them to band camp with you. (You do not need to bring the Guidlines, just the commitment to excellence saying you have read it.)

Information Form

Committment to Excellence

Medical Affidavit (Please, print but DO NOT sign it except in the presence of a Notary Public.  If you do, you'll have to do it all over again.  You can find Notaries at your bank, insurance office, car dealer, anywhere they work with legal documents.)


The music file for this years show is under the file manager link of the web page.  It is an mp3 download and will be titled mystery instead of Odyssey (Which is our show title for the year).  Happy listening and have a great summer.  Now, GO PRACTICE!

Check the board in the Band Hall!  

As we go through the semester, it is vital that everyone is aware of and adheres to our rehearsal and performance schedule.  Just a reminder that all rehearsals and performances are mandatory for ALL band members.  Each person has a unique assignment and when they are not there the people around them can't function as needed.  We rely on each other to be the best band that we can be.

I have placed dates of importance on the Band Room white board for the next month (and will update it through out the year) so that band students can see and take note of everything that we are doing.  Required attendance dates are in red.  The dates are listed on the calendar area of the this web page, as well, for your convenience.

This year is going to be a wonderful year for the JCHS band.  Let's participate to the fullest to make it great!