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Spring Trip Update 3/14  


This letter is to give you an update on the trip with Hotel information and excursions so you will know where we are and what we are doing during the trip. Also, if you choose to travel alongside us, you may use this information to book your travel. I can’t guarantee that you will find lodging in the same hotel as the band, but we would love to have as many parents as would like to come. It’s always better to play for a friendly audience!

Springhill Suites Hampton

1997 Power Plant Parkway

Hampton VA, 23669


Below this note is a copy of the itinerary for the trip.  You can download a copy from the forms page.  Look for" Williamsburg Itinerary".  Your student should have a hard copy as well.  It will be sent out as an attachment on a "Remind" message, also.

JCHS Band /Spring Break Performance Trip

Thursday -Sunday, March 28-31, 2019

World Strides Onstage Performance Festival


March 28 (Thursday)      Meet at the Band Hall @6:30 AM

8:00 AM              Leave for Williamsburg (We will be eating Lunch on the road/Fast Food)

4:00 PM               Arrive in Williamsburg at Hotel and Check in

5:00 PM               Meet with World Strides representative and leave for Dinner Cruise.

6:30 PM               Dinner Cruise on the Spirit of Norfolk.

9:30 PM               Return to the hotel

10:00 PM            Hotel quiet time.

11:00 PM            Get some rest. Tomorrow we perform and stay busy all day.


March 29 (Friday)

6:00 AM               Rise and Shine. Dress for walking and weather. Eat breakfast at the hotel and be ready

                              To leave at 8:00 AM with uniform and instrument in hand.

8:00 AM               Board buses for Jamestown Settlement

9:00 AM               Guided Tour of Jamestown Settlement

12:00 PM             Boxed lunch at Jamestown. Provided.

1:00 PM               Board buses for Heritage High School to perform

2:30 PM               Percussion goes to warm up

3:00 PM               Percussion performs

3:45 PM               Band goes to warm up

4:20 PM               Band performs

5:15 PM               We are changed out of uniforms in civilian clothes again and are ready to go to dinner

6:30 PM               Dinner at Rocco’s Smokehouse Grill. Provided.

8:00 PM               Load buses for Colonial Williamsburg

8:30 PM               Ghost Tour of Williamsburg. This is a guided tour.

10:00 PM             Head for hotel and bed. It’s been a long day!

March 30 (Saturday)

6:30 AM               Rise and sort of shine…if you want

7:00 AM              Breakfast at the hotel

9:30 AM               Load the buses for Busch Gardens Amusement Park

10:00 AM            Spend the day in the park. One meal voucher is included and can be used at select places Inside the park. Lunch and dinner are on your own.

9:00 PM               World Strides Onstage Awards Ceremony. Required attendance!

10:00 PM             Depart for the hotel


March 31 (Sunday)

6:00 AM               Rise, even if a little bit grumpy!

7:00 AM               Breakfast and check out of the hotel room. Your room will be checked and you might be asked to come back and clean excessive messes!   

9:00 AM               Self-guided tour of Williamsburg in the daylight! This is optional and we will discuss it before we decide.

11:00 AM            Eat lunch on your own before we leave town. There are a number of options in downtown Williamsburg just off the Colonial site.

12:00 PM             Leave for home

6:30 PM               Arrive back in Dandridge. We will only be stopping as the drivers need to, so snacking will be the rule of the day on the way home.


Things to Bring


Uniform! (Black shoes, Black socks, and uniform parts)

Jacket and warm clothes (you can always take something off if needed)

Rain poncho is always a good investment


Phone chargers

Cameras (pictures are cheap souvenirs!)

Money for 4 fast food meals, snacks, and shopping

Sense of fun and adventure


Things not to Bring

Valuables that you don’t want to lose!

Things prohibited by school policy or band handbook policy


Special Rules

All school policies and discipline procedures are in place. The dress code will be relaxed but don’t take advantage of it.

Girls are not to be in Guys rooms and Guys are not to be in Girls rooms. If you hang out together then do so in the common areas of the Hotel.

You are sharing the Hotel with other guests. Be polite and quiet. Complaints from the Hotel staff and other guests will not be taken lightly.

Snacks and drinks on the bus and in your rooms are fine but you are responsible for any messes that you create. Your rooms will be checked and I will ask you to clean excessive messes up yourself. Hotel staff is not responsible for extremes.

Follow the schedule and my instructions without question. I am responsible for you no matter how grown up you feel. I am the one that takes the fall if you mess up. Remember that and act accordingly.

Any activity that can be identified as hazing, bullying, or harassment will be dealt with swiftly and decisively. Upon investigation, you will be subjected to official school discipline and removed from the band program. If in doubt, be nice! If it’s not fun for everyone then it’s not fun!

While in Williamsburg and surrounding areas, always stay with the group. Do NOT venture out on your own or in small groups of less than 4. Always check in with your chaperone when you are supposed to. We need to be in contact with you at any time.

Have fun and make some memories! You’ll need them when you get old like me.








Check the board in the Band Hall!  

As we go through the semester, it is vital that everyone is aware of and adheres to our rehearsal and performance schedule.  Just a reminder that all rehearsals and performances are mandatory for ALL band members.  Each person has a unique assignment and when they are not there the people around them can't function as needed.  We rely on each other to be the best band that we can be.

I have placed dates of importance on the Band Room white board for the next month (and will update it through out the year) so that band students can see and take note of everything that we are doing.  Required attendance dates are in red.  The dates are listed on the calendar area of the this web page, as well, for your convenience.

This year is going to be a wonderful year for the JCHS band.  Let's participate to the fullest to make it great!

Band Booster Meeting  

We will have a Band Parent meeting on Monday, April 8 at 7:00 in the HS Band Room.  This meeting will be to give updates on Spring fund raising and band activities.   We will, also, be nominating a new slate of officers for the 2019-20 school year.  Check out the Jefferson County High School Band Booster Face Book page. (Make sure it's not the one in Kentucky!)  You can get quick information there about signing up on the Band app to help with chaperoning, concession, etc. as well as updates on calendar events, congratulations, funny stuff, or whatever. 



Special Announcemnet about the March Meeting.


Jefferson County High School Band


To All Parents of Jefferson County High School Band:


Band Parent Meeting

Monday- March 11th - 7:00pm

JCHS Band Room


Important information for all Parents



We are very excited about the rest of our spring and the upcoming 2019 Marching Season. We have a tremendous group of returning students and a great group of incoming freshmen that will definitely strengthen our program top to bottom. This meeting will be the start of our planning for the fall even as we are finishing this year. We also need to inform you about our 2rd Mattress Sale Fundraiser that is coming up in April.


We realize that as parents of musicians you have very busy schedules, but this is a meeting that cannot be overlooked.


If you have a student that is playing an instrument for the Jefferson County High School Band in the 2019 season, we really need you to attend this meeting.



The meeting will be held in our Jefferson County High School Band Room at 7:00pm on Monday March 11th.


We look forward to seeing all of you at the meeting and seeing you all in the stands and concert halls cheering on our Band, Color Guard, and Indoor Percussion!






Greg Jones

Greg Jones

Band Director                                                                    

Additions to Forms and Files  

The Summer Band Camp information letter is now posted on the forms section of this web page.  It is in pdf format and can be downloaded for your information and planning purposes. The following forms are now up to date and are ready for download.  Please, fill them out and bring them to band camp with you. (You do not need to bring the Guidlines, just the commitment to excellence saying you have read it.)

Information Form

Committment to Excellence

Medical Affidavit (Please, print but DO NOT sign it except in the presence of a Notary Public.  If you do, you'll have to do it all over again.  You can find Notaries at your bank, insurance office, car dealer, anywhere they work with legal documents.)


The music file for this years show is under the file manager link of the web page.  It is an mp3 download and will be titled mystery instead of Odyssey (Which is our show title for the year).  Happy listening and have a great summer.  Now, GO PRACTICE!

New way to stay in contact!  

We are always looking for a better way to stay in contact so no one is left out of the loop on important events and announcements.  With this in mind, I have instituted the use a messaging app. called "Remind".  All you have to do is go to this link: and follow the instructions to sign up and join "Band".  The mobile app is free. 

If you don't have a smart phone but can text, text @323hb (in the message field) to 81010 or to 717-363-8462.

If none of these work for you then the booster FB page and the web site are still up and running.

If you are going to Colonial Williamsburg, this is the primary way that we will stay in touch.