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Welcome to the website for Melanie Hodge’s AP English Literature (12), and Melanie Hodge and David Noonkesser’s AP English Language (11) courses.  Both are interdisciplinary team-taught courses designed for students who demonstrate an exceptional interest and commitment to the study of literature and history.

These courses are combined studies because they are a combination of content from two courses:  English and history.  In combining the two disciplines, we are able to more deeply look at eras and themes in history by looking at the literature of the same.  This allows the student to make a connection between events occurring in our history and the literature being written during and about these periods, in other words, to “see the big picture.”

Students should have strong writing and analytical skills.  This is a learning experience—together we will learn to think, to read, to discuss, and to write.

In order to be a good student of literature, one must fully delve into the works.  Thus, we will focus on broadening the scope of our reading experience, deepening our thoughts about literature, sharpening the precision of and improving the style of our literary analyses.  We will write to understand, to explain, and to evaluate this literature.

Course Objectives—What are our goals?

  1. to read both deeply and widely, covering multiple genres, periods, and cultures, to engage in the careful reading of literary works with the purpose of sharpening awareness of literature, language, and understanding the art of writing
  2. to consider and explore the structure, meaning, and value of each work and its relationship to contemporary experience as well as to the time in which it was written
  3. to enhance independent thought through critical questioning
  4. to enhance writing skills through frequent challenging assignments
  5. to create a highly committed, focused, and collaborative community of learners where each student has a voice, both students and teacher listen to and learn from each other, all being both teacher and student

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